who are you?

Hi! My name is Michelle, creator & head coach of MLRosko. Who am I & why do I what I do?

I grew up with two cultures, American & Korean. Being a military brat & then a missionary child, my whole life, I either moved or people around me came & went. As a teenager, I developed an eating disorder, a predictable concoction of seeking control & attaining an ideal of “perfection.” I did everything I was supposed to; I was a good kid. That is, until I left my bubble & discovered the world. I did everything I once believed I wasn’t supposed to. & later than most, I also discovered I was not straight. I was no longer accepted in my world, not “right.”

But what does this have to do with health, or fitness, or coaching? Most of my life, pinning down my identity was not easy –being multicultural, moving around, coming to terms with an identity I once believed was the worst abomination, figuring out how to relate to my body. Finding myself worthy or deserving of good did not spring easily from my environment. Ive had to fight & work to discover my worth. I know how devastating, depressing, & destroying it is to believe you are not worthy, not good enough, not correct. But the truth is, it was there the whole time, & always will be.

It’s still something I work on, but I can say that I am HAPPY. I am worthy & enough & good, just as I am, 100%, right now. & I want YOU to KNOW & feel & act on the fact that you are 100% worthy. Worthy to fight for, worthy to invest in, worthy to have your best life, worthy to reach your goals, worthy to get what you desire, worthy to be loved, worthy to be enough, just as you are.

Of course there are more ways than health to achieve this, but I have seen in my own life & in others’ that to take care of your health, your body, & your mind, is an act of self-love & a declaration that you are deserving to be your best self. Movement is empowering. Choosing healthful options is loving. Maintaining positive habits is transforming. It’s about more than 6 pack abs & big butts (though those are nice, eh?). Having true health allows us to live our lives fully, with joy & empowerment & freedom!

You deserve your best life.

I want to help you get there.

You are worth it.

what do you do?

The MLRosko programs are designed to take you from inactive to working out regularly, from confused about nutrition to confident in your own food choices. As a coach, I am more interested in teaching you how to trust your own body than in giving you quick fixes or promises of fast weight loss. By giving you all the tools you need during the program, you will be able to create & sustain healthy habits for the rest of your life! 


I give you workouts with a clear strategy, taking you from where you are to where you want to be, in small, simple steps. None of them take more than 30 minutes, & they can be personalized to your individual level & needs. They include all the elements you need to be strong, healthy, flexible, & energetic.


I give you simple nutrition guidance. I support you in becoming more aware of your own body (your its best authority, after all) & making positive food choices. 


I give you compassionate care, individual attention, & supportive accountability in your journey towards greater health. You’ll have all the tools you need to succeed. You are 100% responsible for yourself, but getting support, encouragement, & accountability from someone else –as well as a community– is invaluable!