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I’m Michelle, an online fitness coach.

True health is real happiness. It’s freedom to live the life you want & deserve. It’s not a certain weight, or body type, or diet, or exercise program.

& the best way to get it is not through shame, pain, or even motivation.

See, I’ve been through my own battles with eating disorders, body image issues, & complete confusion about what to do. I get how frustrating it feels to be stuck & not know what to do.

Through my own experiences & education, I’ve learned the BEST way to break through to the next level: hope & healthy habits. It takes the right steps, with the right strategy, through the right support, & in the right space… with a lot of self- compassion.

  • If you’re ready to take on a different approach to your health
  • If you’re considering your longterm health & are sick of the quick fixes that don’t work
  • If you’re looking a compassionate & reliable way to transform your health (& life)
  • If you’re ready to believe in your worth, take full responsibility for yourself, & start living the healthy life you deserve…
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What my amazing clients have said…

“I am definitely so happy with how far I have come though and I feel so much more confident with myself! Im wearing shorts for the first time in 6 years! I never felt comfortable enough to wear shorts… but now I am rocking them… so even small changes have made a big difference in how I’m feeling

“I appreciate you’re there to cheer me on & give me feedback… This has been amazing. This has been the most amazing nutrition & workout program I have ever tried.”

“I’m grateful for this program… I love how even though I’m paying attention to my weight it is becoming more about my health than what I weigh. I’m noticing so many changes that maybe others can’t but it’s not about anyone else… And I’ve been confidently rocking my medium shirts that I have previously been self conscious in! It is definitely so much more than just what’s on the scale.”

“Thank you so much. I am truly so grateful for everything you have done. I feel like i am finally at peace with me and my mind. You have given me a new lease on life. Thank you so so much.”

“I am grateful for you and this program and how everything is becoming a habit and routine I can stick with!!”

“I saw beauty in the mirror today, after a long time. Without structure from you, it would’ve been a struggle to make happen.”

“Thank you for being so encouraging, helpful, open, and understanding! … Best coach ever”

“I’m thankful and grateful that you taught me to love myself. My self-love has never been this incredible.”

“Honestly your program is 100%…I’ve learned to eat healthy & love exercise! i’m Actually excited about the workouts…you are 100% awesome!”

“You taught me to make healthier choices and how to love myself. 
My biggest win from this whole experience it that I am finally happy with who I am. I don’t hate my body anymore.
Thank you so much for your support and encouragement. Without you none of it would have been possible!”

“This coach and program do a great job at balancing pressure and support.
I always feel pushed to do my best, and it’s great to have someone urging you along, but I’ve always Felt like my health and happiness are at the forefront of each workout.”

“Youre helping me see that I have control over what I do for my health. It makes me feel powerful and helps me keep doing it!
I’ve gotten so much stronger with your workouts and feel excited with what I can do now.
I actually like my body and am getting compliments on my muscles on my legs.
I feel so much more confident.
Thank you so much!”

“I am so happy I chose YOU as a coach.
You’ve given me more than routine, you taught me how to regain my confidence and love myself despite the hard work when it comes to changing your habits.
You’re such a great person and a wonderful coach!”

…if you are ready to get started in working one on one with a pro, transforming your mind & body, & living the life you deserve. 

You’re worth it!

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