Making Your Passion Your Job: Part 1


my past


I have always loved exercising, moving, counting, playing sports, challenging myself & others. Now, having lived a little over 3 decades, I have tentatively, slowly, made the decision to make this passion of working out into my job. It’s scary. I am so scared.

Teaching, mostly English to second language learners, has been my main career.  After I turned 13, I was responsible for teaching a Sunday school class to 3-4 year olds. And when I was 15, in an effort to save money for a trip to see my sister, I started tutoring English. It’s what I know. Although I love being around children & seeing my students grow, teaching has become a burden. My soul feels like a withering leaf, capable of flying away at any moment in its fragility. I am tired. And that outweighs my fear, barely. 

I should have known to change careers earlier. I used to think, when I would frequent gyms in my early 20s, that working in a gym would be the best job ever: you get access to all the equipment, you are pumped up by exciting music all day, & you are surrounded by people who are endorphin-triggered happy. I used to pine after the idea of being able to exercise as my job, of being able to help others become stronger, happier, healthier. I would consider it, many times, but only briefly –that’s not for me. I was meant for something more personal, more earth-shattering, more meaningful, more prestigious. Now I find myself dancing vehemently to silly kids songs and repeating the alphabet sounds robotically, over & over. Earth-shattering. 

With impending moves and dissolving work contracts, I must take the next steps to establish myself in this career. I took the huge steps of preparing for, completing, & passing the NASM personal certification test. But now what? 

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