Making Your Passion Your Job: Part 2

my present

How do you switch careers?

How do you try to be great at something you’ve never tried before?

What if you fail? Like, what if you’re really bad at what you think you might be pretty good in?

How do you try to understand and manage all the myriads of details that starting a business entails –website, finances, workout plans, clients, advertising, actual training, client goals and limits? 

I don’t know. 

But I’m willing to figure it out, one thing at a time. I am willing to try and fail and try again. What do I have to lose? One day, my life will be over. I would hate to have limited the potential & opportunities of my one life because of fear. 

I know I have worth, & purpose, & gifts to throw out to the world.

I am ready, I am able. 

Here I go.

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