Workout Motivation

So you want to work out. Maybe you want to have functional strength to perform every day tasks more easily, like walking up stairs without getting huffed or carrying groceries effortlessly. Perhaps you want to feel more confident about your body (all bodies, no matter what size or shape, are worthy; but working out does give you confidence in your ability & produces endorphins that make you happy). Or it might be simply for your health! Whatever your reason, how do you keep up your workout routine consistently to achieve your desires? Exercise requires effort, & there are so many reasons to sleep a little extra or to stay on the couch. Here are a few tips that actually work out for your workout…

  • Make Working Out a Habit

From a young age, we learn to make habits. We don’t necessarily want to brush our teeth or make our bed, but we learn to do those things, because they are good for us in the long run. Exercise is one of those things. First, you have to want to work out enough to make the choice to add it into your life. Find your why, & make a conscious decision to start. From then, it’s simply pulling yourself to do it. So, you’ve found a workout you like, & you did one session. Great! Now make it a habit, just like going to work or school or putting on your socks. Make it a part of your life. Think of a time in your day that you can spare even just 10 minutes. You don’t have to go all the way to a gym to get an awesome workout (check out my post on my post on burpees to see what I mean). Start small, & maintain or expand your routine from there. If you’re in this exercise thing for the long run, make it manageable, & make it a part of your daily routine! 
  • Use Imagery

This point ties into finding your motivation to start in the first place. What do you want? Really, what do you want? Working out is something for you. Imagine yourself lifting a heavy weight over your head, or running for a long distance, or doing so many reps of an exercise you love in a certain period of time. Imagine yourself toned, or thicc, or lean, or jacked, or whatever you want. Within the range of your genetic tendencies, that image you have in your mind is possible. See it, feel it, want it. And do it every day. THAT will give you motivation. 
  • Set Goals

Setting goals in your workout is highly motivating & more fun, since it gives you something to work towards. Your goal is ideally for an exercise you enjoy. Why try to set a pr (personal record) or pb (personal best) in a 3 mile run when you hate running? Set a goal that makes you excited! Your goal is completely personal, & it doesn’t have to match up to anyone else’s. Maybe it’s to do a 100 pound bench press, or run a 7 minute mile, or do 50 squats without stopping. When you reach your goal, you can set a new one. And guess what? You’ll get stronger, faster, & prouder with each met goal, which will then give you more motivation to continue. 
  • Keep Records

Another practical way to stay motivated in your workouts is to keep a record, a log, of your workouts –even of your goals & desires. First, for some reason, writing or typing things out makes them more real. Second, it keeps you accountable to yourself, which is who you’re doing this for.  And last, it allows you to track your progress. When you look back a year from now, you’ll be impressed by how far you will have come! Workouts, weights, reps, times that were so challenging before will sound easy. This is encouraging & pushes you to move forward. Keeping a record can be as easy as having a notebook & pen set aside for your workouts, or using a notes app on your phone or computer. Write down the date, what you did, how you felt, & anything else you’d like to keep track of. 

Working out can be a beautiful, rewarding, empowering part of life. In order to live a full life, we must take care of our physical, mental, & emotional health. Exercise is so powerful, because it enriches all those aspects of our lives. If you make it a habit, imagine what you really want, set some goals, & keep records, you will not fail to make yourself a priority & experience joy in working out. 

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